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While it is a fact property is still one of the best investments you can make, the difficulties of tenant selection and day to day management deter many prospective Landlords. Even though it may not be obvious at first, property management is a full time occupation. How do you select tenants with confidence? What about rent collection and inspecting the property regularly? Who is responsible for routine maintenance? What are your obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act? It’s hardly surprising that some people find the day-to-day management of their investment becomes a stress and worry they can do without, or that others give up through lack of time, or prefer not to handle the financial transactions themselves. Whatever the reasons, there is one very simple solution:- First National Property Management Division

By placing your property in the hands of professionals, you are provided with a total management service which will protect your investment, secure your return and free you from inspection and maintenance checks. While our full range of services is outlined here, remember we can tailor individual management plans to suit your particular property and the amount of involvement you wish to retain. At First National we believe our management program goes that extra step. Management is not just fixing leaking roofs, its about asset management, maximizing the value of your investment and ensure that the maximum return can be achieved.


The benefit of our long experience has proven invaluable to many landlords. We can advise on current rentals for your property and set a rental rate to give you the greatest return on your investment. Our Service is designed to assist the owner in running their investment and accordingly varies from property to property depending on the objectives of that owner. However, there is one key element, that is our quality of service and management which is fundamental to adding value to your property. In managing property on your behalf we take our role very seriously and basically we see ourselves as Trustees- but with total control and ultimate decision making remaining with you the owner. First National has an exclusively separate Property Management Division. It is not involved in the sale of real estate, so you can obtain the benefit of all the services, expertise and attention of a thoroughly professional and reputable management team. In summary we treat properties as we would our own – but leave you in as much or as little control as you wish.


Our experience in matching tenants to properties is probably one of the areas that gives our Landlords greatest satisfaction. All our tenants must provide satisfactory references and a good credit rating. Tenant selection is the most important thing we do for our landlords.


All tenants are required to complete a commencement inspection with the Property Manager. Any defects or concerns are noted down. This sets a precedent as to how the property is to be left upon vacating. A final inspection is also completed at the end of the tenancy. All properties are subject to three monthly inspection reports. The owner will receive a written report.


Handing over the responsibility of rent collection to First National eliminates one of the Landlord’s greatest concerns. Ensuring your rent is going to be paid on time and worry free is vital to profitable management and your peace of mind. We encourage our tenants to pay their rent by automatic payment which we check on a daily basis to ensure you receive the rent promptly and that tenants are aware of, and live up to their obligations.


Our computer system is designed specifically for property management divisions. All our contracts and documents are written in plain, no nonsense language for speedy, clear understanding. Rental funds are credited to your bank account on the last business day of each month and if you opt for two payments per month another payment will be made on the 16th of each month. You will receive a detailed monthly statement. Our fees are deducted from the rental funds and will show on your statement.


Our tenancy agreements clearly state the tenant’s responsibilities and what is expected of them as to the conduct of their tenancy. When any repairs are required at the owners cost we have a tradesperson contracted to us that carry out work at competitive prices. We have a team of trades people of proven competence who undertake all maintenance and from who we have negotiated discounted rates on the landlord’s behalf.


Normally the relationship between our landlords and their tenants is a happy one and it is our aim to keep it that way. As part of this philosophy, our services extends to mediating between the tenant and Landlord over any departures from the original contract. As an impartial third party with a great deal of negotiating experience in this situation. We often achieve amicable results to he satisfaction of both parties, without needing to resort to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal. A fee of $20 is payable on any application made to the Tribunal.


A thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is essential to manage your property efficiently and the First National team is thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the Act and the workings of the Tribunal Hearings. On the very rare occasions we have to attend Tribunal Hearings these are always attended by our experienced Property Managers capable of arguing any adverse decisions on behalf of our clients and of making quick decisions in our clients interest when necessary. Tribunal hearings are informal courts that base decisions on the accuracy and reliability of documentary records supplied by the applicant. Decisions made by the Tribunal are enforceable by law.

At First National Marlborough Ltd Property Management our team of seven collectively have over 50 years of experience in the industry. Our company prides itself on the number of National “First National Property Management Awards” attained each and every year.

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